wants and needs

Growing up I am sure you have been told “is it a need or a want?” 

As a child a candy bar is a need, as an adult, that candy bar could represent a luxury of the highest order. to some, they could care less about candy all together. The perception of need and want is subjective to each person, and the importance of any given item or desire can have a vast difference between individuals.

For me, having my sight is a want. When I first lost my sight, there was nothing more that I wanted, because I felt with my sight I could live a whole and complete life. At this point in time, my desire for sight was a perceived need not a want. As I grew older I realized that I forget I am actually blind. *I get reminders every so often in the form of a door left open, or toys the niece or nephews leave out. I call these little reality checks. *  But really, I have realized the need to see is a luxury in my life that isn’t needed to be happy. Sure it’d be great to see my family again, but it’d be nice to have a million dollars too. See? Not really necessary. Makes things a little easier sure, but you don’t get to appreciate the good without the bad. 

My lack of sight hasn’t stopped me from doing things I enjoy, sure somethings have had adjustments, but if you really want to do it, you’ll find a way. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, so you know what I do? I work with ‘em. Car repairs, leather work, knife sharpening, tool making. and the list goes on.  I have had several sighted individuals ask me how I do it, and I just say “I don’t know. I just do it.” I’m not saying run to the nearest knife block and swish the cleaver across the honing steel, but find something you enjoy or enjoyed doing, and think of how to modify said activity so you can enjoy it again. 

To me, doing the things I loved is definitely a need in my life to be happy, and being able to rediscover the old me has been one of the most gratifying things I could have ever done for myself. 

The way I define a luxury is something that if obtained in your life time, doesn’t really make a difference in your life, just makes things slightly more enjoyable. For example, I’m sitting on my cushiony single seater chair watching a movie. My chair is comfortable, I don’t have someone’s  stinky feet near me, life is good. the luxury version of that would be. Me watching a movie, in my recliner, that has a cooling system, cup holder, and built in remote so I never have to hunt it down again… Is that nice? or is that nice? especially that remote, if that doesn’t exist, I invented it here. Either way, I’m going to enjoy my movie. I just might have to look for that remote every so often and maybe get up to turn on the fan and get a towel for my spilled drink. Is life still good? Heck yes it is! Jurassic Park is on! The main objective is to enjoy the main event, not get lost staring at the fly on the wall.

So do I need to see to enjoy my life? Heck no, it’s just a cup holder on my chair. Nice to have, but in my opinion not needed, because I have a hand to hold my cup. Enjoy what you have in your life, as long as you get from Point A to Point B, you’re alright. It may take longer, or it may be a different path than someone else would take. Who cares make it your own and be proud you did it. 


Now that you’ve read this, ask yourself, what do I want or need to read about from D  next, and let me know. If you want, share this post, I really need it to get to anyone who can help me find my remote.

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